Lock opening, lock repairs and replacement

For domestic and commercial properties, including furniture / display cabinet locks, outbuildings / garages etc, we can:

  • Open locks of all kinds, in most cases without needing to damage the lock itself;
    Have you found yourself locked out of your home or place of work? We will respond rapidly  when you need an emergency locksmith and gain entry for you, in most cases without damaging either the locks or your doors. If it becomes necessary to damage anything in order to get you in, we will always discuss this with you before proceeding and will replace   any non british standard lock free of additional charge (except uPVC multipoint locks and certain padlocks);
  • Carry out lock repairs to quality locks for which replacement parts are available (parts are often unavailable for lower cost locks as it is more cost-effective to simply fit a brand new lock);
  • Make upgrades to locks of all kinds to increase security and reliability;
  • Fresh-fit from scratch all mechanical locks on external wooden doors and windows, internal doors and outbuildings Eg adding a deadlock to a wooden front door that currently only has a night latch;

Key Safes

Once fitted in a (preferably) discrete location, a key safe means you should never get locked out of your home again due to lost or misplaced keys.

A key safe can be especially useful in situations where care workers and emergency services might need to be able to gain entry rapidly to properties in which vulnerable and/or elderly residents live and who may be unable to come to the door.

We can fit a very good quality weatherproof key safe to any concrete or brick wall for £85 including parts and 12month guarantee.

Security Reviews

Security reviews are carried out free of charge if within 10 miles and include an inspection and report for all external and internal doors and windows including garages, sheds and commercial outbuildings. We will then make recommendations for improving the security of the property in line with the customer's needs.

Formalised written reports recommending security upgrades can also be provided where necessary.

Insurance Requirements

Are your external door locks insurance-policy compliant?

Many people are unaware that home insurance policies usually require that certain types of lock be used on external doors in order for a claim to be valid in the event of a burglary. If a Claims Assessor visits your home following a break-in they may check to confirm that locks conform to British Standard. This usually means BS 3621:2007. So, on, for example, a wooden front door, the British Standard means that you must have at least one of the following fitted:

  • High security night latch (Eg the Yale PBS1 – LINK TO PIC) or
  • A British Standard 5-lever deadlock (or sashlock) rated to BS 3621:2007 or
  • A euro- or oval-operated deadlock (or sashlock) pairing rated to BS 3621:2007.

On an external uPVC door there should be a multipoint lock with at least 3 locking points in  order to meet the minimum requirement of most insurance policies.

Failure to meet these standard requirements may mean claims are declared invalid as the homeowner or business owner could be deemed to have taken insufficient steps to protect their property from burglary.

Insurers may make other specific stipulations for properties with, for example, large multi-folding doors, which may require locking bolts to be fitted at the top and bottom of each folding section in addition to whatever lock is fitted to the centre of the doors.

A modest sum of money spent in advance will ensure that your external door locks meet the insurance standard, thereby avoiding a situation in which an insurance assessor rejects your claim because you failed to properly secure your doors.

A Free Security Review will quickly confirm whether your doors meet the insurance standard.

uPVC Doors & Windows

For uPVC doors and windows, we cover all types of locks as well as uPVC double glazing repairs and replacement of damaged friction hinges and locking window handles.

Please note:
In the case of large and/or very heavy windows or certain windows above ground floor level, due to safety considerations, it may be necessary to use more than one engineer to carry out the work in which case we will discuss with you the cost implications.

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